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The Human Necessity Foundation was founded in July 2015 by Junaid Jamshed and Capt. Sheikh Javed is a CHARITABLE NOT-FOR-PROFIT TAX-EXEMPT 501(C)3 organization. The purpose is to provide clean drinking water to people in need. As 86% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water in third-world countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Togo, Gambia and much more, this severe water problem results in one child dying every 60 seconds due to water-related illness and shortage. Therefore, the foundation commenced installing Solar Powered Water Plants worldwide.

The objective of the foundation is noticeably clear, to help people who are becoming victims of drinking contaminated water and those that have no water. People that have no access to clean drinking water, no electricity, and no proper roads deserve the most basic requirement for life, WATER. Most of the population living in remote areas is suffering from various health diseases such as hepatitis B and C, chronic illnesses, cancer, abnormal bone growth, tooth loss/decay, memory loss, depression and in rare cases, worms growing in the body by drinking contaminated water.

What we do differently is how water is provided to people. We specialize in ONLY installing Solar Water Plants. These plants are state-of-the-art, reliable, and are the only solution for people living in such conditions. Each station has the ability to provide water for over 6,000 beneficiaries.

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